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Coming Soon - 1886 Winchester Rifle Takedown and Gunsmithing Manual
    Coming Soon - 1886 Winchester Rifle Takedown and Gunsmithing ManualAbout 1886 Winchester Rifles
The 1886 Winchester was a successor to the 1873 Winchester rifle, and had one of the strongest and finest actions of any lever-action centerfire rifle that Winchester ever produced. It was designed originally by John H. Browning (his Patent), for the more powerful cartridges that had come into use in the late19th Century. The 1886 Winchester was offered in a number of calibers, including .45-70 Government, 50-10 Express, .45-90 WCF, .40-70 WCF, .40-82 WCF, .38-70 WCF, .40-65 WCF, .50-100.450, .38-56 WCF, and .33 WCF. The most popular caliber was the .45-70 Government.
The 1886 rifle was available in several different Models, the Sporting Rifle, Carbine and Musket. From 1886 through 1935, there were a little less than 160,000 of these rifles produced by the Winchester factory. The 1886 was also chambered for numerous smaller caliber cartridges of the day (e.g., 33 WCF) and the value of a rifle is greatly influenced by caliber, with the larger calibers worth considerably more.
Although there are three distinct Model Configurations of the 1886 Winchester Rifle, they do not vary a great deal in the disassembly process. For disassembly, in this book all models will fit under either the Sporting Rifle-like or Carbine-like category. In dismantling your gun, you must initially determine your Model Configuration. After selecting the appropriate Model, this book will easily guide you through the disassembly process

NOTE: This book is not yet available. Please check back at a later time to order it by either ebook or published paperback.

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