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Selling on consignment
    Selling on consignmentWe offer the service of letting you sell your firearm on consignment on our website. This is NOT an auction. The guns are listed in our webpage, but when a buyer is interested, they contact you directly. You do all of the negotiating and then ship your gun to the buyers FFL address. The advantages to this type of sale is that you can ask any price you want and do all of the negotiating yourself. It is not an auction, so you have control of the sale at all times. However, you must agree to our policies that include a 3-day inspection during which your buyer can return the gun and you must comply with the federal shipping laws. We will help you with all of that. The consignment fee is not paid until the gun sells. This type of sale will take a little longer, but you may make a greater profit.

The cost is a flat fee for advertising a gun until it sells or for a 3-month period on this site, which ever comes sooner. You provide up to 6 pictures, text, price that you wish to ask, and under what category you want the gun displayed. IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE with your appraisal value or taking the photos, we can help you. When your listing is complete to your satisfaction, we will place your information on the web site, displayed in a professional manner. You provide either your email address and/or phone number at the end of the text, and interested customers can contact and deal with you directly. All polices of this web site apply to those who list consignment guns.

You do the negotiating, You save money, You are in control.

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